Davethe whole story.

Vice President

Business Development


Dave focuses on engaging the best startups in the world with the best corporate brands in the world in his role at TechStars, based in Boulder, Colorado.

Previously Dave worked at Microsoft helping emerging companies and investors to engage more effectively with Microsoft. The Emerging Business Team at Microsoft is chartered with supporting startups, venture capitalists and angel investors throughout the world. The EBT manages programs such as BizSpark, Bizspark + and Bizspark One to provide Microsoft tools, technology, support and visibility to startups.

Dave’s focus at Microsoft was on the Interactive Entertainment Division at Microsoft (aka XBOX), the Online Services Division (aka Bing), and Windows. But over the years, Dave has had experience engaging startup companies with all divisions at Microsoft. Dave focused on deeply engaging a few, strategically selected companies in Microsoft’s BizSpark One portfolio, as well as making sure interesting startups are visible to executives in the divisions described above.

Dave started out as an engineer at Boeing building robots for the B2 bomber and then expert systems which performed engineering design. This was after a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado in Boulder, CO After Boeing, Dave completed a graduate degree at Carnegie Mellon University, in Business and Computer Science. After a short tour at Ernst and Young designing massive data center installations, Dave joined some buddies at an early stage, but rapidly growing Great Plains Software. Dave was General Manager of Tools and Technology at Great Plains and managed the Microsoft relations, did OEM deals and acquisitions and built out the tech platform form. After the Great Plains acquisition of FRx Software Dave became VP, CTO of FRx, and then Microsoft bought Great Plains and Dave worked through the integration prior to joining the EBT.